5 Best Electric Aquarium Vacuums

If you have a fish as a pet, you would know about the importance of keeping aquariums clean. It is an integral part of the overall maintenance of the aquarium and, thereby insuring the survival of your fish.

Some may find cleaning a fish tank a hectic task. And this is why most people prefer using electric aquarium vacuums to siphon out all the dirty water. Such a tool speeds up the job and therefore is widely appreciated by all.

However, the task of choosing the best electric aquarium vacuum is not that easy. The fact that there is an array of options to choose from does not help. Therefore, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of the five best electric aquarium vacuums.


Electric Automatic Fish Tank Aquarium Syphon Pump Cleaner by Wonderflowers

Electric Automatic Fish Tank Aquarium Syphon Pump Cleaner Filter Water Changer Sand Washer with Dirt Mesh Bag Water Hose TubeThis product has mainly received positive reviews from customers appreciating the product for its high quality plastic. Moreover, the fact that it can be adapted according to the size of the fish tank has made this product highly convenient to use.

On the other hand, you may discover that the battery of the product is not of the highest quality. Nonetheless, it still allows for convenient cleaning of aquariums.


Main features

The primary characteristics of this product are its sand washing function. The fact that the sand washing head is adjustable to water level, both high and low, adds to the overall optimum performance of the product. Such a feature allows you to remove large pieces of gravel.

Moreover, the product can be adjusted to fit different sizes of fish tanks. Such a feature means that you donot need to worry about what size your aquarium is when making the purchase, which, in turn, is highly convenient for users.



  • The height of the vacuum can be adjusted to 64cm, 75 cm, and 102 cm, which makes the product an ideal vacuum for all fish tanks, regardless of their size.
  • The quality of the plastic is premium to enhance durability.
  • The power consumption of the product is small, thereby making it energy-efficient.
  • The product includes:
  • A 27.7 cm long switch and battery compartment
  • Two outlets
  • 3 Telescopic tubes, one with a shaft that can be adjusted
  • Dual sand washing suction heads
  • A water changing hose of 90 cm length


EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner and Sludge Extractor

EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner and Sludge ExtractorCustomers have widely praised this aquarium vacuum for its premium performance. Users find the product easy to use and have also reported that the suction power of the vacuum is ideal to allow for convenient cleaning of fish tanks.

However, you may find this product to be on the pricey side compared to other similar products on the market. Nevertheless, its highquality and flawless performance make up for the high cost of the product.


Main features

The major perk of using this product is the relief it provides you from the hassle of using buckets and hoses to clean your fish tank. This electric vacuum succeeds in providing a highly convenient and easy to use solution for fish tank maintenance.

Moreover, the product is operated via a battery. The lack of electric wires has enhanced the portability as well as the convenience feature of the product. Now, you donot necessarily have to clean your fish tank near a socket. It is accompanied with a mesh cartridge which allows the product trap the tiniest waste particles. Such a feature means that this vacuum is capable of completely removing sludge and waste.



  • The product is fully submersible in up to three feet of water.
  • It allows for quick cleaning via its suction power and a mesh cartridge which can easily be detached.
  • A two-year guarantee accompanies the product.
  • Its highquality battery permits the use of the product for up to four hours.
  • It can be utilized for all fish tanks which are 12 inches deep at a minimum, regardless of their shape and size.
  • It is cost-effective since it renders the need for additives for maintaining clean water useless.


HeroNeo® Auto Electrical Aquarium Fish Tank Vacuum

HeroNeo® Auto Electrical Aquarium Battery Syphon Fish Tank VacuumThis fish tank vacuum has been well-received by customers worldwide. It has garnered positive reviews which can be read online. In such reviews, customers have praised the product for its durability and performance. Moreover, the low price of the product has also acted as an added benefit for the masses.

However, some users have reported that the instructions were not in English and therefore acted as a hindrance. Since there is no rocket science to understand how to use the product, you may still find this product to be helpful in cleaning your fish tank.


Main features

This product allows you to remove the debris that accumulates at the bottom of the aquarium in an efficient manner. Moreover, the product tends to be multifunctional. Not only can it be used to remove wastage from the aquarium, but it also effectively siphons off the contaminated water when you are changing water.

While the aquarium vacuum is electric in nature, it does not feature any wires which allow you the option of cleaning the tank wherever you like, and not necessarily near a power outlet. Such a feature enhances the convenience of the product, which, in turn, makes it an ideal choice for many users.



  • The product includes dual suction pipes, each for small and large fish tanks.
  • The adjustable height of the product renders it capable of being used for fish tanks, regardless of their sizes.
  • It has a flow speed of 520 l/h.
  • It can be used for water tank with a maximum water depth of 52 cm.
  • The product is accompanied by a hose and filter bag.
  • The product can be easy installed.


Yosoo Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner

Yosoo Aquarium Fish Tank Vacuum GravelThis aquarium vacuum cleaner succeeds in delivering premium performance and therefore has earned its place amongst the best electric aquarium vacuums. Users have appreciated the product for its easy installation process, which they feel allows the product to be highly convenient to use.

You may find the lack of batteries in the package to be a source of inconvenience. However, you can purchase them online with ease.


Main features

The highly praised feature of this product is the inclusion of a premium quality plastic in it. The use of highquality components has made this product highly durable. Since users immensely value durability, such robustness of the vacuum makes it an attractive choice.

Moreover, the product can be used for large and small fish tanks alike. Such a feature is insured by the adjustability of the height of the product. It gives versatility to the product, which many fish tank vacuums lack.



  • The product can be used for fish tanks with a water depth of 50 cm
  • The flow rate of the product is 520 l/h.
  • The product requires two C/LR14 batteries.
  • The vacuum can be used to siphon out contaminated water.
  • The product includes two suction pipes, a hose and a filter bag


KollerCraft TOM Battery Operated Gravel Siphon

KollerCraft TOM Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel SiphonThis fish tank vacuum is considered to be an excellent market offering by most of its users. Users have lauded it for its easy usage and installation. Customers find the removable tube to be a worthy addition which is highly convenient to use.

You may think the battery life of the product to be poor compared to other products mentioned. However, the battery is enough to allow you to clean your fish tank successfully.


Main features

This product is multifunctional in nature which makes it a packaged solution. It can be used to remove algae, gravel, and contaminated water. It allows for adequate cleaning of corners and other areas which may be difficult to reach using other products.

Furthermore, the product can be extended to up to 16 inches which allow it to be used for cleaning in an array of fish tanks, regardless of their sizes.



  • It operates on two C-size batteries.
  • It is accompanied with a nylon bag which allows you to trap debris and wastage.
  • The product can be used on nano tanks.
  • It can be attached to a water hose for siphoning out water.



The gist of this review is as follows:

  • All five products feature adjustable heights which allow them to be used on a variety of fish tanks.
  • All mentioned products except Yosoo Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner and EHEIM Quick Vac Pro can be used to remove contaminated water.
  • All the products operate on battery and do not include wires which make them convenient to use.
  • The prices of the products vary, with EHEIM Quick Vac being the most expensive, and HeroNeo the cheapest of them all

All in all, all of the mentioned products have succeeded in providing greater value than cost. While each has its own set of drawbacks, all of them have benefits as well which outstrip their disadvantages.

If you wish to make the task of cleaning a fish tank as easy as possible, any of these products will help you. Choose wisely.



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