About Me

What this world needs… just another blog on a man’s hobby.

So, what is so special about this blog that you should read it? You will learn how to make money from your hobby. I am not kidding. I am using this blog to not only talk about my hobby of nano fish keeping but also on how I am making money from the information I am giving away for you. If you have a hobby, you can learn how to make money from it by copying exactly what I am going. In my world, hobby = money.

Hopefully, that will have gotten your attention!

Making money online is something I have dabbling with since 2010. I wasn’t that successfully until I stumble onto what I called the hobby niches. This involves building a site around something you love and monetizing the traffic that comes with it. It sounds pretty easy but that is exactly a lot of hard work involved. The first being motivated enough to put words on pages.

This is a very interesting problem. I see tonnes of people spending time leaving comments or debating on facebook, blogs or other social platforms. However, when it comes to putting words on your blog, it is like squeezing blood from stone. I don’t understand why this is so but it is something I have seen times and times again.

If you are interested to make money from your hobbies, join me as I shown how I am doing it live in front of your eyes, using aquarium as an example.