A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Rated Rimless Fish Tanks

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best rimless fish tank for the money

The beauty of your fish can be enhanced by the type of aquarium you keep for them, including these lovely nano fish tank for beginners. If you have a great looking rimless model, you can be sure that it will improve your fish’s appearance and will look great with any type of surroundings. There are…

How to set up a nano reef aquarium

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So you want to set up a nano reef aquarium? What could be better than a little slice of a tropical ocean on your desk? Loosely defined, a nano reef is a small, less than 30ish gallons, aquarium that contains marine invertebrates and perhaps fish. For this article it will be assumed that the reader…

Nano reef lighting – a guide for beginners

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Nano tanks are any saltwater system under 40 gallons which became popular in the 90’s. These tanks are smaller versions of the massive tanks that have been around for ages, however they still require a fairly hefty investment of both time and money yet they can be thoroughly fulfilling when developed properly. When starting and…

Wifi controlled aquarium LED lighting (for 165w)

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LED lighting for aquariums has quickly become the standard due to the many benefits it offers such as generating less heat, being cost-efficient and compact, and being excellent for coral and plant life. With so many benefits it’s hard to remember that there are other options for lighting such as halide or fluorescent or that…

Best wave controller for nano reef

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Best wave controller for nano reef

Most houses with kids would have most definitely had an aquarium at one point or are still having aquariums from that point in life. The excitement with having an aquarium, buying and letting fishes into the said aquarium, the weekly cleaning that follow suit and the ornaments put into the aquarium to make the fishes…

Nano cube 28 reviews: Is it worth the money?

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Nano Cube 28 review

Despite calling itself the Nano Cube 28, it is not really a small tank. Although 28 galleons might seem small relative to large 100 galleon fish tanks, it is still pretty big for a nano tank that is suppose to be under 10 or even 5 galleons. If you only want to see nano tanks,…

How to set up a nano shrimp tank

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how to set up a nano shrimp tank

Like so many things, setting up a small or “nano” aquarium can be as simple or as complicated as you would like to make it. The appeal of these tanks in the 5 to 10-gallon range is obvious – they take up little space and offer an excellent pocket hobby for those who like to…

Best nano tank for beginners

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nano tank for beginners

The first thing is setting up a nano fish aquarium is to get the right nano fish tank. With the recent surge in popularity, there are now more than enough nano tank models for you to choose from. In this guide, we will be looking at what are the best options for the different fish…

Best live rock for nano tank

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Best live rock for nano tank featured

It is rare to see nano aquariums that have a bare floor. Most of the time, it is usually covered in fined sand, along with the addition of a few pieces of fine looking live rock.   Why it is called live rock? For beginners, you might be wondering why these inanimate objects are called…