Best Nano Tank For Beginners

The first thing is setting up a nano fish aquarium is to get the right nano fish tank. With the recent surge in popularity, there are now more than enough nano tank models for you to choose from. In this guide, we will be looking at what are the best options for the different fish breeds.


What is a nano tank

Be common definition, a nano aquairum is a fish tank that is less than 10 galleons. However, there are some who defined it as less than 5 galleons. The difference in fish tank sizing will affect the kind of fish you can rear as some breeds are better suited for a smaller environment,


Best nano tank for betta – Fluval Spec III review

best nano tank for betta fishBetta fish is one of the best fish for nano tank, especially when you are talking about tanks that are in the size of less than 2.5 galleons. If you are look to the best nano tank for breeding a single betta, then you can do no wrong by getting the Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit that comes in at 2.6 galleon. I have this in my office and it works beautifully. With simple decorations, the tank will have enough space for a single Betta fish to feel very comfortable.

The best thing about this tank is its seek and modern tank. Unlike most other tanks, the Fluval Spec III has glass walls so it looks really expensive, rather the cheap plastic feel.

As part of the sleek design, the filter is being concealed via the back of the tank, unlike the usual ugly hang on filter. However, I noted that the filtering might be creating too strong a current for certain Betta breeds, which can cause discomfort or even death. If you feel this is case, one trick you can do is to punctuate some holes in the filtering tube so that the effect of the current can be greatly reduced.

For the lighting, it is strong enough to support certain plants that don’t require strong sunlight. My Betta wasn’t bother by the light so your shouldn’t be as well. Both the lighting and the lid can be easily removed when you want to change water.

The only thing missing from this tank is a heater. After trying a few models, i think the Hydor 25 and 50 watt heaters are the best fit for the Fluval Spec III. They generate enough warmth for the water but not so strong as to fry the fish!

If you are a Betta fish lover and wants an easy to maintain but great looking fish tank, I strong recommend this model. The fact that it occupies so little space is a big plus for those who want something compact.


Best all in one nano tank for saltwater – Coralife Biocube review

best nano tank for salt waterThe model I recommended above is more suited for freshwater fish like Betta. If you like a nano saltwater aquarium then the Coralife Biocube is a much better choice.

Like the Fluval Spec III, the Coralife Biocube is another modern looking fish tank due to its cube shaped and glass panels. You can use this tank for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium. In fact, for coral or reef aquarium, they are the perfect nano tank.

What makes me recommend this tank is the attention to the details. It is clear that the makers have done lots of deep thinking to come up with what I think is almost a perfect tank:

  • It comes with LED lighting! This is the accessory that most fish tank owners will buy after buying a tank. Guess what? They have included it so it is a complete kit
  • Besides the lef lighting, it is an all in one reef tank with a tonne of other accessories such as┬ábio balls, filter cartridge , sponge etc so it is not really expensive even though the price tag is over $100
  • No silicone at the corners so you can see every aspect of the tank through its glorious glass panels
  • No water dripping anywhere! The hood has been smartly designed such that the water flows backwards into the tank rather than on the floor which many tanks are guilty of

One thing you should note is that the tank is pretty heavy so it is a good idea to get the Coralife’s matching standing, which can comfortably hold its weight.

coralife biocube vs oceanic biocube


Best nano tank for shrimp

best nano tank for shrimpWhen it comes to shrimp, there are lots of options since shrimps are not difficult to breed. For beginners, there are two options that I recommend. The first is the EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem.

Rather than an actual fish tank, it is more like an all in one kit where you don’t need to worry too much about things like temperature, filter etc. Everything has been arranged such that it is self sustaining. The only drawback is that it can last for only a couple of years before the entire thing needs to be replaced. However, for beginners who just want to enjoy the joy of shrimp keeping, this is not a bad kit to start with. It is so simple that even kids can have fun with it.

Like all the tanks that I have recommended, the Ecosphere is also sleek in design that looks pretty awesome in real person. If your home has a contemporary style, this will fit right in.


Penn Plax Vertex Shrimp Tank reviewFor those who want to get their hands dirty, I recommend the 2.7 galleon Penn Plax Vertex shrimp tank. It is cheap and is easy to set up. For beginners, it is difficult to say no to these 2 benefits.

Other cool things about this cheap tank is the glass panels as well as the adjustable filter flow. The latter is for moderating the strength of the filtering in case you want to mix in Betta fish with shrimps.

However, do note the tank doesn’t come with any heater or lights. These are not necessary for rearing shrimps but for other breeds, you will need to buy additional accessories for them.

Only thing I don’t is the lid, which seems like of flimsy. However, do remember that this tank is cheap so I guess you get what you pay for.

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