Best Nano Tank for Shrimp

There are numerous small tanks options for shrimps in the market today.

Just knowing what is available is already a tedious effort, not to mention finding the best choice among them,

Well, I am gonna to make the job simpler for you by recommending what I think is the best nano tank (defined as under 10 gallon) as well as offering a couple of alternate options.

I definitely wouldn’t over burden you by giving¬† you 10 options, with no way to tell which is the best for your needs.

So, for the rest of the article, you are going to learn why I think the Fluval spec tanks are the best nano tanks and which model among them should be your top consideration.


Top nano tanks for shrimps

Fluval Spec V – A 5 gallon tank that has a reputation of being durable, sleek and comes with light and filter


Marineland Portrait – A 5 gallon tank that is also a good choice but it has a portrait design. Since shrimps don’t usually go to the top, a lot of valuable space will be wasted, especially if you are not keeping any other fishes.


Why I chose the Fluval Spec V vs Marineland Portrait

For a shrimp tank, there are some design features for the Fluval Spec V that makes it a better choice vs the Marineland Portrait.

  • Longish design: More suitable for shrimps which stay at the bottom, so there is not swimming/walking space for them
  • Filter quality: Hear lots of negative feedback about Marineland’s filter breaking down and/or being too noisy due to its vibrations. In contrast, Fluval Spec V is nice and quiet.
  • Easy to fit a heater: Both models come with no heater so you need a space at your tank to fit one in. The Fluval Spec V has a nice opening at the filter compartment. The Marineland Portrait only has the top.


Features to look for in a all in one tank for shrimp

  • Filter strength: Too strong a filter will suck your shrimps in and mostly likely killing them in the process. An adjustable filter will be great.
  • Sufficient lighting: You need lights to grow some plants, which shrimps like to hide in. The plants are also their food supply.¬† Hence, make sure the stock lighting can support the growth of plants, at least those types that need low light requirements.
  • Quiet filter: Your filter will be on 24/7. If they are noisy, prepare to get complaints from wives and family members.
  • Sufficient floor space: Shrimps stay at the bottom so floor space is important to give them room to move. Height is not as important if you only intend to keep shrimps in the tank.


Nano tank setup guide for freshwater shrimps

Once you have the tank, here is simple guide to help you set up the Fluval Spec V for a simple but beautiful shrimp tank. For more complicated shrimp tank setup ideas, click on the link to read more.


  1. List of ingredients

  • Pre filter Sponge
  • 20 SS Mesh. 20 means 20 holes per square inch of the mesh. This is needed in step 2
  • Plants
  • Sand: Black color recommended
  • Heater: Fluval heater 25W


  1. Modifying the tank before cycling

Fluval spec V is a great overall tank but to make it 100% suitable for shrimp breeding, you need to take care of 2 aspects

  • Water overflow at the top
  • Slits at the bottom

Both parts might suck in your shrimplets so it doesn’t’ harm to modify them to make sure they don’t.

Easiest way is to cover them up using a one piece 20 SS mesh. The suction will hold the mesh in its place so it is just a matter of slipping them in.

You can see how it looks from the picture below.


  1. Set up the nano aquascape

The Fluval spec V provides just enough space for you to do some aquascaping to spice up the tank’s look.

The plants that I like to use: fern, hornwart, mosses. They are easy to maintain and set up.

Do note that the stock light on the Fluval spec V is more suitable for aqua plants with low light requirements. If you want to be more adventurous in your choice of plants, you might need to upgrade the light.

If you don’t have any tools, I suggest getting aquascaping kits that have scissors, tweezers and gravel leveler. They are cheap but helps a lot during the aquascaping.


  1. Cycle the tank

Next up is to cycle the tank. I recommend cycling for at least 1-2 weeks to be safe.

Once you think it is ready, check on the following water perimeters: temperature, PH level, GH level, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels etc. Check my post on why are my shrimps are dying to know what other tank conditions you should inspect before putting the shrimps in.



Finding the right tank that is meant for shrimp instead of fish can be a tedious task. I hope this article has given you some recommendations to think over.

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