Best Titanium Aquarium Heater

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best titanium aquarium heater

Controlling the temperature of a fish tank is an important part of any fish tank set up. While there are many cheap options in the market, they do come with a higher cost. Specifically, most of them will either fried or electrocute your fish! Having my fair share of such low grade but cheap heaters,…

Guide to Buying The Best Marine Salt For Reef Tank

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best marine salt for reef tank

It is easy enough to appreciate that the hobbyist with corals in their aquarium or with a reef tank, a reliable source of saltwater is essential. By adding the appropriate salt to the reef tank, it is possible to create the perfect living space for the fish and reef to flourish. It is biologically balanced…

Quiet Aquarium Air Pumps For A Peaceful Home

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Quiet Aquarium Air Pumps

There are many aquarium air pumps out there when you go to purchase one. Even though there is a broad range of choices yet it is hard to determine which one to rely on. Air pumps are necessary for aquariums to keep your fish healthy by maintaining the oxygen in circulation. If the air pump…

5 Best Electric Aquarium Vacuums

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Best electric aquarium vacuums

If you have a fish as a pet, you would know about the importance of keeping aquariums clean. It is an integral part of the overall maintenance of the aquarium and, thereby insuring the survival of your fish. Some may find cleaning a fish tank a hectic task. And this is why most people prefer…

Wifi controlled aquarium LED lighting (for 165w)

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LED lighting for aquariums has quickly become the standard due to the many benefits it offers such as generating less heat, being cost-efficient and compact, and being excellent for coral and plant life. With so many benefits it’s hard to remember that there are other options for lighting such as halide or fluorescent or that…

Best wave controller for nano reef

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Best wave controller for nano reef

Most houses with kids would have most definitely had an aquarium at one point or are still having aquariums from that point in life. The excitement with having an aquarium, buying and letting fishes into the said aquarium, the weekly cleaning that follow suit and the ornaments put into the aquarium to make the fishes…

Best live rock for nano tank

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Best live rock for nano tank featured

It is rare to see nano aquariums that have a bare floor. Most of the time, it is usually covered in fined sand, along with the addition of a few pieces of fine looking live rock.   Why it is called live rock? For beginners, you might be wondering why these inanimate objects are called…