How To Set Up A Frag Tank

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How To Set Up A Frag Tank

Once you have grown coral to the point where your tank may become a bit cluttered, you’re probably wanting to start a frag tank. Having said that, a frag tank isn’t too difficult and you don’t need to go big, in fact a 20 gallon tank is more than enough for a frag tank. In…

Best 5 Galleon Aquarium Kit

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best 5 galleon fish tank kit

Aquariums are a delightful hobby for the young or old and give hours of beautiful, restful entertainment. They are not only great for relieving the stresses of everyday life, but also useful for the little ones to learn about ecosystems. But, a 5 gallon fish tank requires some planning, thought and work. The tanks easily…

Ecosphere Sphere Review – A Hands Off Aquarium

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ecosphere sphere review featured

I have to admit the headline is a bit misleading. It is not really an actual aquarium per say. Instead, the Ecosphere is a closed ecosystem, encapsulated in a glass sphere.  You can watch the tiny shrimps moving around without any need for maintenance. For a fuss free experience, you can’t get better than this.…

Top 3 Best Wall Mounted Aquarium to Spice Up Your Wall

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Best Wall Mounted Aquarium

Wall mounted home items are getting popular in recent times due to our apartments or homes getting smaller. Fish tanks are no exception and we have now wall mounted fish tanks that are easy to manage and looks really gorgeous. Most of them are small so they wouldn’t take up too much space nor will…

Best All In One Nano Reef Tanks – Here Are My Picks!

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All in one fish tanks are a great choice due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, it might be cheaper than assembling the different parts together, especially when you are not an expert in knowing the prices of every single fish tank accessory. The other benefit is the time saved, unless you really know tinkering…

A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Rated Rimless Fish Tanks

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best rimless fish tank for the money

The beauty of your fish can be enhanced by the type of aquarium you keep for them, including these lovely nano fish tank for beginners. If you have a great looking rimless model, you can be sure that it will improve your fish’s appearance and will look great with any type of surroundings. There are…

Nano cube 28 reviews: Is it worth the money?

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Nano Cube 28 review

Despite calling itself the Nano Cube 28, it is not really a small tank. Although 28 galleons might seem small relative to large 100 galleon fish tanks, it is still pretty big for a nano tank that is suppose to be under 10 or even 5 galleons. If you only want to see nano tanks,…

Best nano tank for beginners

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nano tank for beginners

The first thing is setting up a nano fish aquarium is to get the right nano fish tank. With the recent surge in popularity, there are now more than enough nano tank models for you to choose from. In this guide, we will be looking at what are the best options for the different fish…