How to Quiet An Aquarium Pump

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How to quiet an aquarium air pump

A silent aquarium is every fish lover’s dreams. When one likes to dwell in the serenity and calmness of beautiful fishes gliding about in the silent waters, this solace can often be disturbed by the extraneous and irritating hum of the vibrating air pump. So why do air pumps vibrate in the first place? Aquarium…

How to set up a nano reef aquarium

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So you want to set up a nano reef aquarium? What could be better than a little slice of a tropical ocean on your desk? Loosely defined, a nano reef is a small, less than 30ish gallons, aquarium that contains marine invertebrates and perhaps fish. For this article it will be assumed that the reader…

Nano reef lighting – a guide for beginners

September 24th, 2016 Andy  Guide No Comments »

Nano tanks are any saltwater system under 40 gallons which became popular in the 90’s. These tanks are smaller versions of the massive tanks that have been around for ages, however they still require a fairly hefty investment of both time and money yet they can be thoroughly fulfilling when developed properly. When starting and…

How to set up a nano shrimp tank

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how to set up a nano shrimp tank

Like so many things, setting up a small or “nano” aquarium can be as simple or as complicated as you would like to make it. The appeal of these tanks in the 5 to 10-gallon range is obvious – they take up little space and offer an excellent pocket hobby for those who like to…