Shrimp Tank Idea #1: 15 Gallon with Yellow Shrimp

Welcome to the first article in our brand new series on showcasing shrimp tank ideas that can inspire you. When I was starting out, I look at a lot of different images for inspiration  but the problem was this: I don’t know how to duplicate the idea I saw. I don’t know the products being used, the process and any potential problems that might pop up.

This series is to show you, step by step, how to recreate some of these fantastic shrimp tanks being shared on forums.

For our first article, we are looking at a 15 gallon shrimp tank that has some yellow neo shrimps. It is a good simple tank that isn’t too hard to set up.  As you can see in the image above, there is a nice sand bed with simple rocks and plants to complete the aquascape. There is no moss wall or complicated plants to worry about here. Let’s get started!


1. List of equipment needed

  • Substrate- Black Sand
  • Lighting- SR Aquaristik LED Fixture
  • Filter- Azoo Mignon 60
  • Heating- 25w Heater
  • Hardscape- Lace Rock and Petrified Wood
  • Fauna: Yellow Neos
  • Flora: Sword and  Anubias


2. Find a position in the house

You need a strong rack or cabinet to hold this 15 gallon tank. Preferably, the spot should be near the power plugs so that you don’t need to run long wiring all over the house.


3. Setting the Hardscape

You start with with creating the black sandbed and then layering on the lace rocks. Where to position the rocks is a matter of taste and preference. You will need to try a different position to get the correct feel that you are looking out. Personally, I prefer positions that convey a sense of depth, which can be achieved by having some rocks closer to the glass while others are positioned way back.  Below are some of the positions that the owner tried before settling on the eventual look.


4. Planting and Cycling the Tank

Once the hardscape is set, it is time to insert the plants. The owner used Sword and Anubias, which are relatively simple to maintain but looks great.  At this time, you should also set up the lighting and filter systems.  You don’t need a big LED lighting setup as the tank is relatively small.

For the filter, the Azoo Mignon 60 is recommended. It has an adjustable flow knob to lower the velocity of the water cycle and prevent the shrimps from being sucked into it. Most other filters in the market are too powerful and might lead to shrimp being killed.

Then it is time to cycle the tank. For a shrimp tank of this size, it is recommended that you recycle the tank for about 5-6 days, just to be safe. Shorter times are ok since shrimps are more resistant than fishes in general but longer cycling time is always preferred.


5. Adding the Yellow Neos

After the tank has been completely cycled. it is time to add the shrimps. The yellow neo shrimps will look great on the black sandbed due to the contrast. If you are new to this, start with a small batch of shrimps to test if everything is set up correctly.  I know of guys who has ‘killed’ tens of shrimps because the tank was not ready.



There you have it. An easy to follow guide that can help you set up your shrimp tank to look like what the owner did. If you think any information is missing, drop me a comment.

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