Top 3 Best Wall Mounted Aquarium to Spice Up Your Wall

Wall mounted home items are getting popular in recent times due to our apartments or homes getting smaller. Fish tanks are no exception and we have now wall mounted fish tanks that are easy to manage and looks really gorgeous. Most of them are small so they wouldn’t take up too much space nor will they cost you too much money. If you always like to rear fish, why not give them wall mounted fish aquarium a chance?


Wall Mounted Aquarium Review

In this section, we will review 3 of the most highly rated wall mount aquarium.


Fu Global wall aquarium review

Fu Global wall mounted aquarium reviewThe Fu Global aquarium is a small sized fish tank that looks modern on any wall.  It is very ideal for betta fish rearing as the fish will have plenty of room to move around. Setting up is easy as you only need to screw it to the wall.

Now, the most difficult part of any fish tank is the maintenance such that fished wouldn’t die. The same thing applies here. You will need to change water once in a while if you don’t intend to install any filters. Fortunately, changing water is not difficult as the opening at the top is quite large. If intend to use this as a small fish tank for betta, then my suggestion is to change it once every biweekly. That should be enough to keep the water clean and the fish healthy.

(Protip: to get water out of the wall aquarium easily, use a vacuum hose to suck it out)

One thing to note is the built material. On the image it looks like glass but it is actually acrylic, which explains why it is cheap. The good thing, though, is that it really looks like it is made of glass when wall mounted so it wouldn’t affect the aesthetics of your room.

Finally if you want to decorate this fish tank, an easy way is to do this is to paste some wallpaper as the background. This will create a nice design without too much effort. It also allows you to create different kinds of background, depending on what you prefer.


Wrapables wall mounted fish tank review

wrapables fish bubble wall reviewAnother good choice for a small wall mounted fish tank is Wrapables;s fish bubble tank. Like the Fu Global aquarium mentioned above, the Wrapables’s model is made of acrylic and not glass. It looks great when hanged on the wall and will definitely draw wows from your visitors.

The actual product is well made as it is sturdy and works the way it is suppose to. It is  considered a nano fish tank as it holds only half a galleon of water. You can keep 1 or even 2 small fish such as beta fish in it without too much effort.  The only thing to note is that you might need to add a piece of plastic on top to prevent the fish from jumping out.

To change water and such, use the same method described above i.e. a vacuum hose to suck all the water out. Once in a while, you can take the fish bowl down and clean for a shinier look.

The downside of that it doesn’t come with any mounting equipment so you need to purchase separately if you don’t have them at home. What you need is just drywall anchor with a small hook.

If you want to make your wall mounted aquarium more sexy, I suggest using the following decorations:

  • submersible Led lighting
  • small pebbles
  • plants


Fish Bubbles wall mounted acrylic fish bowl review

Fish Bubbles wall acrylic fish tank reviewFinally, the third option comes from Fish Bubbles. It shares many of the characteristics of the previous 2 options, namely:

  • made of acrylic
  • house about half a galleon of water
  • well made
  • easy to set up

The only difference is this company provide some tacky accessories such as fake plants for you to decorate the tank. It doesn’t do much though. If you want your fish tank to look the one pictured on the right, here is a tip. Buy some glow in the dark pebbles and they will light up at night, creating a beautiful wall piece.

Like the rest, this nano fish tank is best for beta fish. Other fishes will probably find the fish bowl too small to survive comfortably.

Cleaning and maintaining the tank also takes minimal effort. Just suction the water out every other week using a vacuum hose.



These wall mounted fish aquariums combine the idea of a decorative wall piece with fish rearing. These fish tanks are best for casual hobbyists.  If you are serious, none of them will fit your needs. However for those looking for something easy to maintain and unique, these type of aquariums are a great alternative.

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