Wifi Controlled Aquarium LED Lighting (for 165w)

LED lighting for aquariums has quickly become the standard due to the many benefits it offers such as generating less heat, being cost-efficient and compact, and being excellent for coral and plant life. With so many benefits it’s hard to remember that there are other options for lighting such as halide or fluorescent or that there could be a better way, however, with the latest improvement to LED lighting, we’re excited to say we were wrong.

LED lighting for your nano aquarium can now be controlled through your Wi-Fi.

This technology is still fairly new to the market so we’re providing all you need to know before you add it to your setup.


Best led aquarium light review

We’ve looked into a few of the available LED Aquarium light kits available and reviewed three of the top-sellers for you. Here are our opinions on each model:

# 1. Galaxyhydro WiFi  Dimmable 165w LED aquarium light review

galaxyhydro-wifi-dimmable-165w-led-aquarium-light-reviewClaiming to be the first company to adopt Wi-Fi to control aquarium lights, we knew this should be a fairly competitive product. This model offers both manual and Wi-Fi controls, three channels (white, blue, and royal blue) and two modes. You can set pre-programs to automatically stimulate the sun and moon cycles and these can be set through the available phone app. The fan is very quiet and they predict a lifespan of ten years with normal use.

Voltage isn’t too bad at 23v while working and it runs around -20-40 degrees Celsius. The company offers a one-year warranty and they have great reviews on Amazon.

The product quality appears to be great and the light has superior luminosity even in deeper tanks. The programs are fairly easy to set if you follow the manual and use a little common sense. The app is a neat feature and gives a lot of flexibility for control, just make sure that you download the right one for your mobile device.

Overall, this seems to be a great choice and is one that comes with almost five stars from Amazon and many happy customers.



#2: Euphotica led aquarium light review (for 16, 24 and 32)

euphotica-led-aquarium-light-reviewThis model doesn’t come with a phone app, but it’s still a good product at a great price which is why we included it on our list. The remote control is wireless and can operate the entire system and can even control multiple units at once. It has a maximum output of 120W with 55 LEDs which are programmable.

You have the ability to set moonlight programs that will mimic sunrise and set for acclimating corals. And with up to 48 points of customizable light intensity, you should be able to fine-tune your system for your coral’s needs.

The system is easy to program and seems to be made of really good quality. The lights are extremely bright while staying cool. This is another product with great reviews on Amazon and we think it’s a great deal for a tighter budget.



#3: VIPARSPECTRA timer control 165W led aquarium Light review

viparspectra-timer-control-165w-led-aquarium-light-reviewThis is probably our least favorite of the three that we’ll review, but it’s still a good product and should be considered for certain aquariums. Made by the respectable VIPARSPECTRA, you can expect good quality at a fair price. It features a built-in timer and wireless remote allowing you to program a separate intensity for either channel and operates at 60-60Hz with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

Some things to note: This light cannot be programmed for sunrise, sunset, or moonlight and it doesn’t have a shimmering/storm effect mode. So if you need to slowly acclimate coral, this may not be the best option for you.

If you’re just wanting a good LED light for your established marine or freshwater aquarium, this could still be a good purchase for you as the lights are very bright and easy to program. The quality of the product is good and it’s easy to install. Customers seem to love it as well as many have purchased multiple kits and highly recommend it.


Led fish tank led light buying guide

Wi-Fi controlled LED lighting offers a new host of benefits and features for aquarium lighting. Here are the most notable ones to consider when looking at your choices:

Controller – Most models will come with a remote control so you can control the settings from a distance.

Native Smartphone Application – The best models are now offering a phone app so you can control your lighting from anyone in the world. From the app, you can manually operate your lighting or you can schedule changes for while you’re away.  Make sure that the app you’ll need is compatible with your phone’s operating system.

Energy efficiency – In general, LED lights are very energy efficient, but there is still a range so this is something to pay attention to when looking at models.

Available Program – Can the model you’re looking at set pre-programs for realistic light schemes such as sunrise or sunset? Many models can change the lighting automatically based on the time it’s set to and closely mimic realistic conditions.

Water Suitability – A model may be water specific so make sure that the model you’re considering is made for your setup be it marine or freshwater.

Warranty – As with any purchase, look into their manufacturer’s warranty to see how long they’re going to guarantee their product for.



LED aquarium lighting is the most beautiful way to light up your marine and freshwater aquariums and now that they can be operated remotely via Wi-Fi, it’s really a no-brainer. Out of the three products we reviewed, our top choice would have to be Galaxyhydro since they have the phone app for added convenience and flexibility. However, it does come at a price so if you’re needing to spend a little less, the other two products are still great options and will definitely get the job done beautifully.

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